In 1975, God joined our paths in Georgetown, Guyana, South America.  

From very young ages, we made a decision to be Single-Eyed for Him!


Jennifer Hoyte

Dale Dan


Yes, our feet have crossed many valleys, climbed many mountains, were pierced by many briars and stones along the way but we were determined to remain separated unto Him. Throughout it all, His grace is sufficient, His love boundless and His warmth never-ending.

Each of us has experienced God in a very special and unique way. As we go along, we look forward to sharing our individual testimonies through the various articles and trust that these will be a blessing to you in some way.

Sufficient to say for now that we continue to enjoy all that He is within, and through each of us individually and together as we remain covenanted in Him. Through each otherís lives and all those with whose friendship we have been blessed, we remain ever so thankful for the gift of true relationships founded on the pillars of love, truth, honesty, integrity and togetherness in our precious Father! We truly rejoice in Him!

It does not stop there. We have taken the life of Christ into the corporate world. With Serenity Projects, Inc., we can show forth the principles of godliness as we offer Computer & HRD (Human Resource Development) solutions to many fellow companies and individuals on a global basis.





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