Psalms 2:7


Ephesians 2:10


The creation of God are we

Begotten by His hand

Each part carefully fashioned

According to His plan.

Job 23:16

Job 35: 10,11



Our hearts He has made soft

So from His teaching we may learn

That wiser we may be

In things that Him concern.

Psalms 18:28


Psalms 18:32

Psalms 18:36

Our minds He will enlighten

That we may know to walk;

Strength to our feet He'll give

That our steps they will not falt.

Psalms 18:34



Psalms 119;125

He'll teach our hands to war

Striving ever to do right

And when the way seems dark

Why, His word will make it bright.

Psalms 18:33


Psalms 18:35

Proverbs 16:7

He makes our feet like hinds' feet

That on high places we may walk

And with His shield of salvation

At no enemy will we balk.

Psalms 18:35


Psalms 4:8

Psalms 147:14

His right hand doth support us,

His gentleness makes us great;

He makes us dwell in safety

Giving peace within the gate.

Proverbs 10:22


Psalms 37:23

Psalms 18:32

His blessing makes us rich

With no sorrow added to it;

Ordering our footsteps

He maketh our way perfect.

Philippians 2:13



Isaiah 49:16

'Tis God in us, to will to do,

Each aspect of His pleasure

And through it all we know we are

To Him, a priceless treasure.




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