Just Be Yourself


What we picture a saint to be, is pious and stern, 

Humble and poor, having no fun at all,

Beating Himself down, destroying his will,

Cut off from this world in which God made Him dwell.


But as an example, let's take Christ our Lord - 

He used every day all God's love to unfold.

His disciples were many, his friends even more, 

And no matter the hour, He was there at the door.

A simple word here, over there a kind touch,

Dinner here, a party there or maybe just lunch.


He talked fish with Peter, with others about taxes,

And when things got rough, He said "James, let's relax it".

And now He has given us, His Spirit within,

That we can have vict'ry and be freed from sin.


A new nature we have now since to Jesus we surrendered,

We're chosen of God, engraved in His hand.

God sees us as righteous, God sees us as whole,

And now He desires to rule o'er our soul.


He made us to have wills, our own, yes indeed!

That of our own free will, we'll follow his lead;

Using each moment, at work or at play

To show forth His glory while it is Today.


So be not encumbered by dogmas and rites,

By stereotypes and what man thinks is right;

You have there within you all that you need.

So see your new nature, God makes no mistake,

Relax, be yourself, for you are a Saint.




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