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God, the ever-present Father, in us wherever we go.  We do not have to ask, "Where is God?"  We cannot locate God here nor there.  For He is everywhere. Where is everywhere?  Anywhere we are!  And when all is crumbling around us, God still Is!  So we can change the course of nature and demonstrate such a revelation of the Father in us that all creation will have to take note.

Creation is travailing, waiting to hear the words of liberty:  "Behold your God!"

Prayer - The Art of Being Still

I asked The Lord, just what is prayer.

He answered - Just be still.
Be still and see my life in thee
Aflow through heart and knee.
Be still and see my rest unfold
From hip bone through to thigh bone,
From bone to bone , sinew to flesh,
Of His life breathe afresh.

But what oh Lord about this pain,
I've problems to be solved.

But don't I know all to be known?
Have I not seen all things?
Do I not hold the ends of time
And all that lies between?
My handwork there at your command,
Resources yet untapped.
For quietness and confidence
Your strength they do unwrap.

But must I Lord, not stomp this thing,
Rebuke what's not of you?

What's not of me? I fill all things.
Time stops at my behest.
I've set the bound beyond which can't
O'erflow the wildest tempest.
You in Me and I in you,
Infusing every limb,
My will being done in earthen clay,
Your mind - my heaven in sway.

Be still and know


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