Theme Song

treble clef



Oh He girdeth me with strength 

And perfecteth my way 

He maketh my feet like hinds' feet

He setteth me upon my high places

Where dwelleth the Most High God.


Look not for Him in depths below

But reach forth on high where God doth soar

With loving kindness He'll give you strength

To reach your place on high.


In times gone by like babes we grow

Faltered and found the way so slow

But now he has shown us a faster way

To reach our place on high.


Arise and cast that old way

Of traditions and rites we build each day

Let's lift our eyes and see the King 

As we reach our place on high.


When the world seeks Him

They will not look

In valleys so low nor skies so high

But in you and me will find the height

As we've reached our place on high.


The unsaved we must teach too

To reach on high

For we do not want them to struggle and sigh

As we did when we once knew not

That we had our place on High!


musical notes


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