As I Am


If I clothe the little lily

Why worry what you wear?

If I feed the lonely sparrow

How much more for you I care?

If I part death's chilly waters

Let you walk on holy ground

Know you not I shall perfect you as I Am?


If while in the fire I'm with you 

Why hold on to the dross?

If I call you to higher places 

Why drag along the cross?

If I've never failed nor faltered

Why doubt the truth you've found?

Know you not I shall perfect you as I Am?  


I'm the peace, the joy, the righteous One,

The living water too;

I'm the bread to feed the hungry

I make the old things new.

I give life to all who hear me

And my love to all abounds;

Know you not that ye shall see me as I Am.


Bro and Sis Torango




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