In this room will be a copy of every study that is posted on this web.  Periodically, a new study will be posted here.  We will also be sharing with you the gems from other precious saints.  So, pull up a chair, relax and enjoy.








General Study Guide 

A few tips as you approach the study of God's Word

Hinds' Feet ... Upon High Places

Introduction to Hinds' Feet Ministry.  Shows the meaning and purpose of the hinds' feet.

Worship Part 1

Shows the meaning of worship

Jesus Is Come

Shows the reality of Christ in us today

God ... In Human Form

Shares some practical truths about God's walk in and through us.
Man's Responsibility Shares what our responsibility is to see who we are in God.
A Double-Minded Man Shares the reality of being single-minded.
Let This Mind Be ... Shows the workings of the mind of Christ in us.
Zion - Part 1 Shows who Zion is today.
Zion - Part 2 Shows the Mission of Zion today.
Zion - Part 3 Shows how Zion worships today.
Zion - Part 4 Shows the prerequisites for Zion to serve.
Zion - Part 5 Shows how Zion performs its mission today.
Zion - Part 6 Whom Zion ministers to and what to say.




poured out

The time has truly come when we can enjoy the flowing of the many tributaries that all converge at the Main River of Life - His majesty - JESUS CHRIST!

As deep calleth unto deep, we are in awe at the continuous pouring of each stream into the river of life. The old song says, "If we, with ink, the ocean fill". Yes, dearest, the ocean is filling and overfilling and is becoming a never-ending source of rich life and new vitality as Godís Son rises up into the Highest of Heights within us! The draining is over when a few hitched their ear to His voice. We are now experiencing the many more who are answering the Love Call and, together, what a wonderful unity we are enjoying.

We are blessed by His infinite presence!

Bebe Nysha's Testimony and Song Bro. and Sis. Torango - As I Am
Sharing Your Thoughts Bro. and Sis. Torango - I've made thee hinds' feet
Name Poem - Jesus





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