zion in worship

"Oh Zion, THAT BRINGEST GOOD TIDINGS, get thee up into the high mountain!"  Isaiah 40:9

Oh Zion, let's worship Him! Throughout our land, worship is taking all shapes and forms. But, today God is saying:

"Seek my face daily, holy mountain (Mt. Zion) and I will give thee oil of praise, that flows from a fresh, new and deeper revelation of my heart. It is from a oneness with my heart that a single praise will flow as my people worship me in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:21,23). Receive of me, Mt. Zion, that all may be covered and soothed by the fresh oil that is continually flowing from the very gullies of Mt. Zion."

Precious Saints, to willingly seek His face and be available as a beacon to the world is all Father asks of us. And as the natural Mt. Zion could not hide itself, move itself nor escape its position as mountain, neither can the spiritual Mt. Zion.

We know from Jonah's experience that there is no escape in God. It is not that the Father took pleasure in Jonah's discomfort (Jonah 1:17), but He knew that it would profit Jonah nothing if he gained everything and lost his soul (Mk 8:36). His presence, His hands spread infinitely, beloved, and so, once called and sent forth by Him as Jonah was (Jonah 1:2), there is no retreat.

So often, we see fellow saints whom we love dearly become imprisoned by the law of this land like Jonah was encysted in the fish's belly. But, even in those places of confinement, God is there molding and purifying so that that part of Mt. Zion could once again be restored. Whatever your confinement is today, know that God is not delighting in your hurt. He is merely determined to extend His love not by simply overlooking nor "passing over" a deficiency once again but by helping you to face and deal with the roots of it as He finally did with the Israelites - His chosen ones (Amos 8:2).

Mt. Zion, His hand is always guiding you because you did not accidentally become a part of His Holy mountain but you were ordained and chosen. His dealing in your life is to help you to maintain this high position in Him, His sanctuary, where worship births a praise that like fresh oil is flowing daily from the throne of God.

Oh Zion! Oh Zion, flow forth and soothe!!


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