zion's mission today

"Oh Zion, THAT BRINGEST GOOD TIDINGS, get thee up into the high mountain!"  Isaiah 40:9

We, as Zion, have been commissioned by the Lord to "go ... and teach" (Matt 28:19-20). And it may seem that it is a ponderous calling, and what He has given us to share is weighty and serious and must take the smile off the face of those with whom we share.

But, as we look more closely at "good tidings", we see that first of all, it means "fresh", literally "full, rosy, cheerful." So this word of faith which we preach must, first of all, be the fresh manna of today, flowing new from the revelation of Christ who is within us. It comes forth in life, bearing life and bringing life to those around so that they no longer feel beaten down by condemnation but are quickened by the fullness of the word as it ministers to them.

A full word is needed to meet the needs of all, for situations are so diverse. And as the word is ministered in joy and life, it will likewise bring joy and life to those who hear it.

What the Lord has revealed to us is indeed good tidings to a world that is "white already unto harvest". Creation is groaning, travailing in pain, waiting to see this word that will release them. So let us look around and see, not the depth of sin, but the vessels ready and waiting to be filled with His life.

Good tidings also means "to announce, preach, publish, show forth". We have beheld the Lord's goodness, we have partaken of His life; many are the testimonies of His stirring within. But it does not stop there. This revelation must be shared; it must be demonstrated (shown) to those around, that it may become good tidings unto them.

Certainly it is nice to revel in the Lord. But as we see His glory revealed in us, we begin to feel His heartbeat and our vision has to change then to behold the world that He died for. And there is birthed within us the desire to preach the good tidings, to joyfully share the faithfulness of the Lord and to rejoice in the Lord as we see lives transformed by the realization of the Christ in them.

So Zion, this word we have is good tidings. Let us demonstrate it joyfully.


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