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"Oh Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings, lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not afraidIsaiah 40:9

We have good tidings to bring, so fear not to lift up your voice and boldly speak forth God's life. You see, as we make our abode in the high mountain, we come to know the Lord more and more. The deeper our understanding of Him, the more we feel the cry of His heart for creation. So as we are consumed by the fire of His love, our hearts too cry out for the many lost and dying around us. God has placed the word of faith within us that we can speak a word of cheer to him that is weary, a word of hope to the downcast, a word of strength to the weak, a word of peace to those in turmoil. Great is the mission and high is the calling but share His life we must for how will they hear without a preacher.

Earlier in the same chapter of Isaiah 40, we see words of comfort being spoken to Jerusalem. Now Jerusalem, whose name bespeaks peace, must in turn minister of the comfort and peace she has found. Yes saints of God, what the Lord has poured into us is to be poured back forth to a seeking humanity. We can only minister out of what the Lord has done in our lives. This is why it is so important that we first of all ascend into the high mountain that what flows forth from us will be untainted by the vapour of the valley below.

This word of faith must be spoken aloud, openly, not hidden under a bushel. Also, we must speak in confidence (strength), knowing that we minister the truth and God will stand by His word. Furthermore, we need not fear the circumstances nor the ones to whom the word is delivered for, says God, "Be not afraid of their faces; for I am with thee to deliver thee ... Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth" (Jer 1:8,9). And God's word will not return unto Him void but will accomplish what He has planned.

We are instructed to lift up our voice. The voice speaks of a sound going forth. Paul in 1 Cor 14:7-9 emphasizes the need for giving forth a certain or clear sound. What we present to the world must be a clear manifestation of the Father's love. It cannot be clouded by personal opinions or preferences. As a fountain cannot bring forth sweet water and bitter, we have to ensure that the voice going forth from our midst is giving a clear sound pointing others unto the Father. Our words must line up with what the Father is speaking and our actions must further testify to our words.

God is always so precise in instructing us in His ways. So far, He has established who we are in Him and the prerequisites for service, for His life can only be ministered from the mountaintop. Now He tells us what we need to be doing. Next we will see whom to minister to and what to say. Indeed God is faithful and He has made full provision. Let us trust Him for He does all things well.


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