Testimony - Sparkles in My Eyes


A Testimony by Bebe A. Nysha

It was a dull morning in the Fall of 1988, or "dull" to me it seemed. I was awakened by the shrill of the alarm clock on my nightstand. "It can't be," I thought, "I've hardly slept." I switched on the light and barely saw through a haze that it was, in fact, seven o'clock. But then I wondered why, with such a bright light, was the face of the clock so misty. I rubbed my eyes vigorously, hoping to clear away what sleep might have lingered and remained in bed for another ten minutes. But disappointment awaited me.

I slipped off my bed and walked to the window, pulled the drapes apart to a dull, cloudy view across the lawn to the street. There seemed to be at the time only mild sunlight. I was still not aware of anything unusual in my vision. I slipped on my dressing gown, walked to the sink, brushed my teeth and bathed my face in lukewarm water, then proceeded to the kitchen. Everything seemed a little blurred. It was when I placed my coffee in the microwave and attempted to program the heating time that I realized what was happening. I could not make out the figures! I panicked. I closed my eyes so tightly that my eyelids tingled. Then I opened them again as wide as I could. I rubbed them really hard as if daring them to fail me, but all in vain.

I needed someone very badly, any living human being to give me the assurance that what I feared was absolutely absurd. I walked slowly back to my bedroom, but as I stood in the doorway and looked at my husband still asleep under his blanket, I knew that I could not do it. In his old age and partial disability, together with not being a firm believer, he felt that I was all he had. I couldn't distress him with such news. I walked back to the kitchen, drank a glass of orange juice and dressed for work. I decided I'd accept my blurred vision and watch out for further developments. I got into my car, asked God to guide me and drove to work.

I suffered all day, hardly able to dial out calls on the phone, barely able to talk to clients since I was unable to read the documents in the file, but I remained silent about my condition. On my way home that evening I stopped at a drugstore and looked at a few magnifying glasses. I bought one about five inches in diameter, paid for it and placed it in my handbag. Later that evening, I showered and settled down on the sofa after my husband had retired for the night. I tried to read the Bible, desperate to reassure myself. It was indeed incredible. The evening before, everything was so clear and beautiful and there I was unable to read a line. I made the light brighter and drew closer to the lamp, but to no avail. I held the book farther away, no change. I brought it closer to my eyes, still nothing. I held the magnifying glass over the page and only then was I able to see a little. That, however gave me some comfort.

The next morning, I decided I would speak to my partner, an attorney. When I arrived at the office, he was already there. I laid down my handbag on the desk in my own office and walked into his, greeted him and sat in a client's chair across his desk. I made small talk for a couple minutes then broke the news to him. His first reaction was a long, loud laugh filled with pain. He was scared! "B, what are you saying? You've got to be wrong; you can't be losing your sight!" I said nothing. In fact, we both remained silent. After a few minutes large tears started rolling down his cheeks. He got up, walked around his desk, knelt behind my chair, rested his head on my shoulder and cried like a child. Finally he got up and said, "Don't worry B, if we have to see every specialist in the country, you just cannot go blind. Let's watch it for a day or so while I or the girls lend our eyes to you."

At noon the next day I discussed the problem with my daughter who then worked part-time with my firm. She broke down before I could finish. She snatched the yellow pages and started dialing numbers, turning down appointments until she could find a specialist who could see me immediately. Leaving the receptionist and secretary to handle things at the office, she drove to the doctor. We spent three and a half hours there. The doctor asked whether she would rather return and pick me up later, but she wouldn't hear of it. I was put through several tests, the doctor using various solutions in my eyes from time to time and waiting for results. Finally, he came to me, pulled a stool and sat in front of me.

"Bebe," he started, "you are a very lucky woman. There's no cataract, glaucoma, diabetes or anything in your eyes."

"So what is it?" I asked, "Do you understand that I cannot see?"

"I heard you," he said, "but I can't seem to find anything wrong."

I thought for a minute and then asked, "Could it be that my glasses are wrong, maybe the lenses are weak?"

"I checked them; they are correct. I have been a specialist for over thirty years and never had an outright failure, this beats me. There is nothing I can prescribe, I am sorry."

He got up, still looking at me. I smiled at him and said, "Thanks for everything, Doc. I'll think about it and get back to you later. What do I owe you?" "Nothing", he said, "I may learn from your case yet."

I asked my daughter to drive me home as I was in no state for the office and it was almost the end of the working day anyhow. I spent the rest of the afternoon calling up various churches and placing my name on prayer lists. I myself, fell into fervent prayers. For the following two weeks I had to be driven to and from work as I could no longer see to drive. All through this period I prayed incessantly, determined that God would put things right. I just knew He would answer.

HE DID!!! Gradually, my sight started coming back, and without changing my glasses, without medication from the doctor; my sight was completely restored by the grace, mercy and love of my Father.

My song, "There are Sparkles in My Eyes" emerged out of this stirring experience. GLORY TO GOD!

"For still the vision awaits its time, it hastens to the end - it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay." (Habakkuk 2:3).


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