General Study Guide

1. Point to remember

Any revelation, belief, interpretation, etc. MUST be in harmony with ALL of the scriptures for the Bible does not contradict itself. If a contradicting passage is found, the interpretation or revelation is either incorrect or incomplete - so wait for the full story.

2. There are two approaches to studying the word

  1. God reveals a truth then we go to the Bible to get supporting evidence.  Then He will lead us to various scriptures that bring out what He has revealed.

  2. We read a verse and ask the Lord what it means.  Then there are two things to be done:

  1. Find the physical meaning e.g. context, word meanings, word used etc.  Here is where Strong's Concordance or a dictionary comes in.

  2. Find the spiritual application.  We do not go to Strong's, Greek etc. for an interpretation or scriptural application or meaning.  In English, we look a word up in the dictionary to ensure that we are using it correctly.  

E.g Take the sentence:  The principal of the school calls for the laying down of certain principles to uphold morality. 

Though "principal " and "principle" are similar sounding and are often confused, their meanings are very different.  To the ear of one who knows this, if these two words are switched as in the following sentence, it would not only sound silly but raise questions as to the eccentricity of the speaker:

This principle calls for the laying down of certain principals to uphold morality.

All of a sudden, there would be a strange absence of people willing to be school principals.

  1. There is an order about God. 

Order indicates a logical i.e. sane reason behind all that He does or reveals. God is not crazy.  Therefore any divine revelation can be logically unfolded from the word. Note that spiritual insight is needed to do this. The revelation of God is not erratic utterings but an orderly presentation of His principles - "line upon line and precept upon precept."

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