Jesus is Come

John 14:18,19



Psalms 40:7,8

2 Cor 3:2,3


Joel 2:2,8,11


John 3:16

Jesus is alive! Jesus is come! And just like He said He would, Jesus is coming - day after day after day. He is parting the eastern sky of our minds so that there is bursting upon us a revelation such as we have never seen and cannot fathom with natural understanding. Indeed, as in the volume of this book His coming is written, so in the volume of His living epistles, known and read of all men, His image unfolds, as moment by moment a people emerges - a people totally submitted to God, a people in whom is no guile, a people over whom death has no sway, a people eaten up with, totally committed to, bringing in the kingdom of God in the earth. For this cause God gave His son, His only begotten son to fulfill the law, to pay the full penalty for sin so that all mankind could come forth from the slavery and bondage of sin and walk in freedom, subject only to the rule of God who is al love and purity. Jesus prayed it and so must we:

Matt 6:10

"Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven."

Luke 17:20,21





Daniel 11:32

This kingdom is not initiated by putting the right person in the White House or the Parliament. But, like a thief in the night, without observation, as the fullness of God unfolds in the lives of folks who look for Him, these same folks shall arise with healing in their wings and will speak a word of wholeness to the sick, of life to the dead (naturally and spiritually), of strength to the weak, of encouragement to the downhearted, of sight to the blind. This people shall know their God - not just the right-sounding words to say nor the right-looking thing to do. But this people shall be so engulfed by the presence of God within, that each action and word will be but the expression of the stirring of the life of Christ within.

John 14:17


Gal 2:20

John 14:2,3,20

Yes, Jesus Christ Himself dwells within each of us. No longer is God satisfied to be with us, but as He promised He is in us and the life we now live, we can live only by faith of the son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us. Jesus Himself said that He would prepare a place for us. It is a place of abode in Him in order that He can abide in us.

John 14:28

John 14:17


Heb 1:3

2 Cor 3:14,18

1 John 3:2



Eph 3:16 19

Eph 2:6,7,10

"I go away and come again unto you," Jesus said. "Ye know the spirit of truth for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you," Jesus said. He promised and He did and is making good on His promise. For when He left the earth in human form, He came again as the Spirit of truth, as the Comforter, as the Holy Spirit, as the one who is the express image of God, who in this day is peeling away the veil on our minds that we can behold Him as He is. For when He reveals Himself to us, we shall be like Him for we see Him as He is. It is not for us to try in our own strength and after our own carnal imagination to be like Him - God did not call us to imitate Christ; nor did God call us to be merely willing vessels. Rather, God desires us to be so engulfed with His life that His will becomes our will, that His thoughts become our thoughts, His deeds become our deeds. So that as we move or speak, we would by our own volition be portraying exactly His life and not a mere imitation nor a puppet's rendering of the Master's wish. Glory!


Gal 1:15, 16



Rev 4:11


1 Tim 2:1-4

God is in control. He has always been and will always be in control. At no point in time were things ever out of His control, in earth or in heaven. So as it pleases Him, He is separating each of us from our mother's womb and calling us by His grace to reveal His Son in us so that we can preach or demonstrate Him to others. Yes, for this cause came we into this world; to this end were we born; we were created for God's pleasure - to be His joy. And how better to be a joy to God than to be His will in the earth - to manifest Him to others for He would have all men to be saved and come to the light of His truth.

John 12:24





Col 1:27






Is 11:9

So God gave His son, His only begotten son, that like a corn of wheat He would fall into our ground and die. But like a corn of wheat, He is also arising within us in new life, a life with no end - eternal life. A life that cannot be contained within these earthen vessels but it fills our entire being, transforming us into His very likeness, and going on to burst forth from glory unto glory. Indeed Christ in us, is but the hope, the expectation, the certainty of glory. But as Christ's life so fills us that it emanates forth swallowing up all that is of earth - this is the glory! When the life of Christ so pulsates within us that our every action, our every word is but a sweet breath of fresh air (spirit) - this is the glory! When we walk into each situation fearing only God and triumphing over the best-laid plans of man - this is the glory! When wherever we go becomes filled with an awesome presence of God - this is the glory! For the glory of the Lord shall cover the face of the earth, and all men shall behold us and see Christ only.

Mark 16:6



Heb 10:19-22


Heb 6:19,20

So look not any longer for a single man to walk the earth again - "He is not here for He is risen". No longer is the mighty Christ constrained by fleshly limitations or secured behind a big stone. For the stone is removed and the veil has been rent so that the risen Christ, seated in the heavenlies, may be seen by all, and we have access - we can enter in to all that God is. For when He arose, He came from the earth realm, confined to a single body, to the heavenly realm of our spirits, to inhabit each one of us and make Himself known within us.



Psalms 29:3-9



Eph 4:23,24


Phil 3:21

Look no longer at the signs of the times; judge no more after the seeing of the eyes; be not concerned with things of the natural. For the workings of the spirit of God must be spiritually discerned. God has pulled the covers that He may reveal Himself. And when God appears, the earth trembles and the mountains shake. So the upheavals in the natural, the changes taking place within you are but the manifestation of the purity and righteousness of God. He is come in your spirit and day by day, He is moving upon the mind as He moved upon the face of the deep. And as He spake the earth into existence, so He is creating a new man within, one whose mind will be controlled by the Spirit and not the flesh. Then the spirit and soul in union will bring forth a new body that cannot be touched by pain nor sickness for it will not be made of dust but of the very elements of God Himself.



1 Peter 1:20


John 7:38

Ezekiel 47:9

Yes, Jesus is alive! And though it seems that the system of this world waxes worse, know that quietly, without observation, Jesus is come and is coming in the hearts of men. And soon will burst upon each heart that looks for Him, the reality of His fullness, the completed work of uniting spirit and soul in order that a company of overcomers, a many-membered Son may march forth, bringing peace to all corners of the earth for everything shall live whithersoever the river cometh!


"Even so, come Lord Jesus!!



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