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"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Mark 10:25

Praise God. Praise His Holy Name.

May all the earth be filled with His Majestic Glory!

For years, I have pondered on Mark 10:25 and from a very early age thought that basically we had to walk carefully and fear God if we planned on enjoying His everlasting life.

But it was toward the end of 2000 that this verse, in all its sweetness, blessed my life.  Since then I have truly never been the same. I saw a vision with a fire and in the middle of the fire was a vertical pole turning slowly with meat around it. As the pole turned, more fat fell off the meat as it kept getting more and more slender. The words came softly but clearly - "Perfectly Slender for Him".  The Lord shared that the meat is the human, the fire is His Royal Teaching and the fat was ALL that was not of Him. Yes brethren, we are being Slenderized!!! I saw the reality of it being easier for a camel to go through a needle than for a "fat or rich man", with all his flesh, to enter into the Holiest place of all.  But praise God - He has been and is preparing a people who are willing to bear the intense fire to be slender … just for Him!

The melting process is not easy and especially in our walk with Him today so much of what was once "okay" is no longer acceptable. To be fully slenderized is to be fully stripped - plain and simple, we cannot hold on to ANY of it – it must go! But, the process is, oh, so sweet and precious when we focus not on the path but the destination; when we see not the fire but the refined; when we view it all not as rebuke, condemnation, chastisement but simply as - a loving teaching, a Father’s guidance, a Beloved’s beckoning to restore us to our FULL INHERITANCE!

For so many years, we have been beaten into thinking that we are sinners who are doomed to hell. We are not worthy. There is no hope for us. This big, powerful God will punish and rebuke us. No precious one - NO! Our sweet Beloved, Jesus Christ, is patiently and gently waiting at the garden door for His flower to arise and stir only from a deep desire to answer His call. But, once we answer, then, through His love He will guide us to our ultimate place in Him, and He will do it firmly but gently.

Yes, the responsibility is great, the commitment sound, the covenant secured and with an ear hitched to the doorpost, we will have to be watching and waiting with undivided attention, but He WILL guide every step of the way. Yes, the same hand that powerfully and majestically peeled back the waters of the Red Sea, the same hand that lovingly healed hopeless diseases, the same hand that performed miracles and, yes, the SAME voice that confidently, softly, yet in its full authority said to His frustrated disciples, "Cast the net HERE" is the same One who is guiding us.

His credentials are flawless, His reputation unmarred by the pain and persecution, His life remained pure yet touched by the excruciating pain of hard suffering.  Let us relax in Him for He surely is qualified!

I say to you - Be not afraid, Be not condemned, Be not hesitant, Be not rushed, Just BE! For we are made in the very image and likeness of God, the Father. We ARE His offspring. We are His heirs. We are His delight! We ARE ... for He IS! We cannot be anything that we are not. ALL of creation is returning to its original identity for God made a sound investment.

Let us continue to enjoy a beautiful walk as, together, we claim … OUR ROYAL INHERITANCE!


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