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Welcome to the Garden of Gethsemane ...

Gethsemane waterfall   

Issue #1:  Slenderizing

Issue #2:  A Perfect Union

Issue #3:  His Royal Cabinet

Issue #4:  Ambassador Duties

Issue #5:  I Was Dehydrated

Issue #6:  Bought At A Price

Issue #7: Revisiting John's Cry in the Wilderness

Yes that one place in the entire scripture where our Beloved Jesus clearly and distinctly reached out to us for HIMSELF that place where He felt a personal NEED for us to watch with Him a while.

Dearest ones, the purpose of our "Gethsemane" room is to encourage you to take the beauty of the scriptural teachings as shared under "New Oil" into the garden of Gethsemane where He calls us to watch with Him a while. The significance of the garden being that place where He "needs" or "desires" quiet communion with us and where we can draw from His very Fountain of Life!

It is not surprising then that the root or meaning of Gethsemane is:

"oil press that very place where the oil is stored", (1068) "vat for holding wine" (1660) "liquid from the olive that is often perfumed", "richness from the anointing", "fruitful" (8081).

Through New Oil, we take you into the depth of the Word through detailed teaching. But being led to the scriptures, even learning its meaning, is only the beginning. As an INDIVIDUAL, you must then meet Him in Gethsemane where you enjoy the very source, storehouse, and container of this oil/wine. Where, as sweet perfume, He can enjoy your presence, your desire to KNOW Him through His Word, where you would care and love Him enough to separate yourself totally unto Him.

Yes, the richness, the anointing, the full fruitfulness comes from not only knowing and understanding the Word but from the watching with, waiting for, listening to Him so that this Oil, this Word, could fully manifest all that He is, through, in and as us to creation!

So what we share here will be our experience in Gethsemane as we take what we too have learned of the Word into quiet communion with Him. We look forward to enjoying your experience as you too meet with Him to enjoy the full fruition and actual exercising of the Word within you!



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