Gethsemane Sharing Royal Cabinet


We discussed earlier in Gethsemane that God is Slenderizing His people and bringing each into a Perfect Union with Him. Why? 

Dear friend, we are being meticulously prepared to take Office!

God is putting together His Royal Cabinet. He is lovingly and patiently waiting to give you your Inheritance. Are you ready dear heir?

The time is here and now when we must rise up and answer the Father’s call. It is no longer whether or not we think that we deserve such a Royal position or whether we should humbly take backstage. This is all about self. Come away and focus on HIM and as the song says, "all else will become mere shadows in the light of Him."  It is time that we put our needs, beliefs, values, and thoughts behind, and rise up as we take on His full image and likeness. It is only for this purpose that we were and are created. When you give all your likeness and riches to your children, it does not take away from you but merely extends who you are. In like manner, we can never take away from God.  Rather, we can extend who He is to all creation!

I am in complete awe and anticipation of what is about to come forth from that perfect union that took place after the slenderizing. We will remain breathless as we ourselves behold the majestic train of God covering the earth and making ALL things new.

I respectfully share some excerpts by Preston Eby of Kingdom Bible Studies that came as such a strong confirmation of what Father has been speaking:

"Amazed the sons themselves will stand in awe as suddenly before them unfolds the true purpose of their lives on earth. They will become within themselves the magnificent expression of the greatest glory God has ever revealed. They will stand in the earth as the first born brothers of Jesus Christ, the sons of the Father in heaven. The sons of God are reality. This company of divine-human beings is even now rapidly reaching completion. These will become what Jesus is and have what He has as their very own reality. They will be the full and complete expression of God in all the attributes of His deity. The sons will burst into everlasting splendor, streaming glory and power for all creation to behold. These sons are the anointed sovereigns, the appointed rulers of all things. Through the endless eons to come, the sons of God will govern the creation in righteousness, infusing all things with the dynamics of His life."  J. Preston Eby.

What are the signs? What are we supposed to do? How can we be fully ready? YOU WILL KNOW! He is a perfect and organized God and will not leave any question unanswered. See Gethsemane #4 for …

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