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"Thus saith the LORD of hosts: Let your hands be strong, ye that hear in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets, which were in the day that the foundation of the house of the LORD of hosts was laid, that the temple might be built. Zechariah 8:9

I took Jennifer’s precious New Oil sharing, "God … in Human Form" into the Garden of Gethsemane. Oh … what a precious moment this was! Alleluia! The wonderful truth that is being shared can only become resident WITHIN us as we WATCH with Him and allow the life of His Word to become a part of our nature. What an unconditional love…what a sealed covenant…what an unmatched dowry the Beloved has prepared for us. Oh, please listen for and answer His call…

**Arise my love one, my fair one and come away with me!** (Song of Sols: 2)

Perfect Union

For us to enjoy this God…in Human form there must be a UNION that causes a BIRTH that results in an OFFSPRING. The Union being that intimate consummation that takes place between Human and Spirit; the Birth being the process of a physical revealing; the Offspring being the fruit or proof of the union.

Dear One…THE PERFECT UNION results from a complete giving of ourselves, as an individual, to the Lord as we answer His call with no reservation. We become so consumed with His love, so in awe at His presence, so overtaken by His beauty that, through a personal choice to love and adore Him, we totally surrender to His will and His way. Yes, there will be much "slenderizing" (see Gethsemane #1) along the way but we embrace it all for we come to desire ONLY the things of the Lord! Glory be to God!

CAUTION: Do not force the process. Do not struggle with the decision. Do not waver in your mind. JUST RELAX, LET GO AND BE. When the time is right, you will KNOW it.

As you grow in this astounding relationship with Him, as you receive His teaching, as you continue to Watch with Him, as you learn to closely Listen to His voice then you find yourself longing to clean His temple (I Cor. 3:16). You see the need to get rid of anything and everything that is not of Him. In preparing your body as a temple, a sanctuary for your Beloved, you long to put the entire temple in order…the Outer Court, the Inner Court and the Most Holy Place.

The Outer-Court being the physical body that needs to be cared for by taking into consideration what we eat and drink, how we perform our daily exercises and so forth. When we care our bodies as HIS temple, we find ourselves not doing so many things that we once did before. We become diligent in our self-care. Correct dieting, routine exercise and so forth no longer seem a burden but a blessing! Do not relax your efforts in this area. Do not let us be careless and in so doing, destroy a precious body that was given to us for His purpose, His pleasure. Remember dear friend, there is ONE thing we have that the Lord does not…a HUMAN BODY. Not that He cannot zap a body into place if He so desires but His pleasure is that we, out of our pure love for Him, will offer this Body to Him. That we would, out of love for Him, take dominion of all CREATION so that we focus on the CREATOR…offering our very utmost to His Highest!! Alleluia!

The Inner-Court being where we nourish our souls with the true bread of life, where we do not allow emotions and thoughts to destroy our communion with the Father. Easier said than done… right? I agree. This is the area of the temple that is most attacked, that is most affected by the soulish activities of the worldly realm. This is where our heart and our head constantly clash. This is where we feel the pains, the hurts, the tears, the anxiety, the torture, the hopelessness, the despair, and the fatigue. Yes dear one…I have gone through each of these avenues in my feeble effort to make everyone around me happy and to take on the martyrdom of the world…a responsibility that I saddled myself with…a responsibility I was not required to carry. Here is where we rise up and claim full authority within us as we enjoy His peace, His calm, His love, His assurance, and His victory!

The Most Holy Place being that place where we actually enjoy perfect union, a high level of intimacy with the Father that is beyond words. Dear friend, we can have a perfect physical body and conquer all the warfare in our soul realm and live quite healthily, happily and even peacefully. But…we would not have reached that ULTIMATE level of joy, ecstasy, and awesomeness, that full REALITY of our purpose here on this earth as human beings with the full capability to dwell in the heavenlies! This is where we go beyond physical care of the body, where we go beyond taking control of our emotions, where we make that conscious, INDIVIDUAL decision to be ONE with the Father…to answer the full calling of the Beloved! The invitation to enjoy this has been opened to ALL but EACH must rise up and INDIVIDUALLY claim his ROYAL INHERITANCE!

It is in the Most Holy Place that the seed is fully planted and there is no turning back. The decision has been made, the union has been blessed, and the consummation of our will with His has taken place…the anticipating of the birth of the offspring is at hand…

What can we envision the birth to be like? The birth, which is the process of revealing the fruit or offspring, is a painless one. It happens simply when WE BE because He IS! We do not have to make any grand effort to draw attention to ourselves, to what is being done within us. We do not have to force anyone to be present just to prove that we have experienced the Lord in a special way. We do not have to do ANYTHING! We can simply relax and watch the beauty of the fruit, the offspring, come forth.

Perfect Union Structure

What is the mystery of the offspring? There is NO mystery. Mankind union begets mankind, animal union begets animals, orange trees beget oranges and… Spirit-Human union begets spirit-humans that bear the full genes, features, resemblance, inheritance of all Spirit and all Human.

This sprit-human union then is fully spirit and fully human BUT the outward manifestation of this union that the natural eye beholds is a perfectly balanced package of BOTH!

Therefore, we cannot be all invisible (Spirit) in our relationship with others NOR all human. Effectively the true fruit or offspring that the world will see will be one that will be able to physically touch, speak and listen to them while revealing the mystery of the heavenlies and the very workings of the very shekinah glory of God the Father in human form!

"In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord". Ephesians 2:21

Dearest one, the world is relentlessly searching, endlessly looking to see what will come forth from us. For so many years they have heard it all but now they want to SEE it and in so seeing, will have no choice but desire it for HE WROUGHT A PERFECT THING IN US!

So in essence what we learn from the New Oil teaching, "God…in Human Form" is to show forth a Fruit that is not pious, invisible, untouchable but one that enjoys a full human existence as it breathes forth the things of the heavenlies! Praise God!


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