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"You were bought at a price. Do not become the slaves of men." (I Corinthians 6:20)

Dearest Brethren … let us once again enjoy sweet Gethsemane. What is the Father telling us today?


Rarely do we pay for an item that we do not need. Oftentimes, we are willing to pay whatever we have to for either an item we really need or one that we simply want for our pleasure. Effectively, the item must carry a certain "value" for us to determine how much we are willing to give up in order to enjoy it.

Gethsemane crossThe shocking realization hit me when I caught hold of what my value must be that the Father would be willing to pay by the life of His perfect and most beloved Son for ME! When Jesus whispered "It is Finished" at that painful, agonizing, solemn moment, He was saying to EACH of us, "Here … this is what you are worth." Unselfishly, undeniably, He paid that price just for ME!

Is there anyone or anything for which you would sacrifice your sweet, precious child? Unfortunately, there are ones today who would give up their child for worldly rewards and pleasures. This is the difference with the Cross … it was selfless! Jesus profited nothing but to do the will of His Father. Each pain, denial, ridicule He bore was for no personal pleasure. He was human in every sense of the word, made of flesh and blood. He was fully able to feel every jolt of each nail rammed into His hand. He hurt when He was denied. He cried when He had to and felt anger when he could no longer take the deeds of man. HE WAS HUMAN! As human, He endured it all that I, that YOU, may have life and have it more abundantly. The price was paid, the value was established, the exchange was sealed. What now?

In the natural, we are devoted to our employers, and other worldly masters who bought our time, services, minds and bodies. We dedicate our lives to making them happy. We have enslaved ourselves to man! We have somehow become so very caught up with creation that we have forgotten the CREATOR! Precious ones, I am here to tell you that you owe no man anything! "You were bought at a price. Do not become slaves of men." (I Corinthians 6:20). Now, let us balance this. We are to be loyal, respectful, dedicated and committed to our employers and others who pay us or give to us but in a Win-Win manner where both enjoy equal gain. You also must respect who YOU are. You must accept the value that has been placed on you through the sacrifice at the Cross. You must walk TALL in everything that you do, accepting only the best for He gives no less.

I am also here to tell you that while out of His mercy and sweet love, He decided to give us FREE CHOICE to love and serve Him ... in reality, we really do not have the freedom we think. While we can make this choice, we will ONLY enjoy eternal happiness by rising up to the height of the Cross and claiming our value. We can do whatever we want and especially today, we see where freedom is at its fullest! Man is giving his mind, body, heart and soul to anything and everything He chooses. But … what does not change is the fact that unless our will becomes the will of the Father, there will be destruction. So, do we really have a choice? Yes, a choice to self-destruct but, the only way we can enjoy full happiness is to yield to His will and His way. The beautiful song says:

"Not my will but thine be done so that the fullness of the Son may dwell within this heart that I have offered thee. So that everything I do becomes the thing that pleases you".

Yes, my dear saints, as His will is done, as the fullness and completeness of His Son fills us then all we do can only please Him! We must return to Him what He has given to us. Remember now, it must be a Win-Win situation here too. He gave His life for us, we give our Will to Him. You do it quite easily for a few dollars, a moment of pleasure, pretty clothes, a fancy care. How much more must we not be willing to give for eternal joy and happiness?  How much more must we not be willing to give to the one true Beloved who gave everything for us?  Remember now… He held back nothing!

As I sat in Gethsemane listening to Him, I wonder even in my own life - how can I not want to serve Him diligently? How can I not feel a high self-esteem? How can I not walk tall each day? How can I settle for anything but the best? How can I allow anything to mar this piece of delicate China that He estimated with the price of a perfect life? How dare I question my worth?

It is time for us to fully understand that we were bought at a price (I Corinthians 6:20) for His pleasure and His pleasure alone! (Rev 4:11). He shares us with others but He holds the final title to us. Let us remember this now. Once this becomes resident within us, we see things completely different. We will only entrust our costly possession into the hands of someone who would take good care of it. We do not give the keys to our home or car to someone who would abuse its use. When we go on vacation, we would not even leave our plants, dogs or cats with someone, unless we are absolutely sure we will find them in excellent condition upon our return. Agree?  Guess what …

He will never leave you nor loan you to someone or something that would destroy what He paid for in precious, pure blood!!!

So get out or away from that place, that relationship, that job, that thing which would DARE to mar the hand of God’s most valuable possession - YOU! (Matthew 6:26-34)

Leave the abuse behind, walk away from the condemnation. Do not accept the dirt from anyone nor anything! LEAVE and claim your place on Holy Ground wherein you were put by the very hand of God; wherein you were grounded and nailed through the blood; wherein you were gently and sweetly placed by your Beloved. Remove yourself from where He will never put you. Wipe your feet and move on. He never intended for you to suffer - this is why He bore all the sufferings!

Why are we burdening and loading ourselves with all of these things that bring no end of pain and hurt? Who gave us such a responsibility? Let us lay it all aside and follow Him!" (John 21:22) Let us go as He leads and know when to leave as He directs.

Let us Return to our place of Royalty … let us settle for no less!

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